Hello Gorgeous PH by skinline review

So I did a review on Hello gorgeous ph’s velveteen liquid lipstick on my youtube channel, check out the video! But for more detailed review,read below.

So I bought 4 shades (lit, fetch, faux, killin it) of velveteen liquid lipsticks and 1 shade (pink) of faux blush. I was originally going to buy fleek and dope but unfortunately they don’t have stocks. Buying the product I was really happy because it’s a product of the Philippines and buying it I didn’t actually tried it on my lips, I only swatched it. I tried it on when we arrived home, my mother tried it on too and my aunt actually bought one too and all of our comments was once the liquid lipstick dries and you put your upper lip and lower lip together it is sticky, although it is really smudge proof and long lasting, I don’t know for you guys but I don’t want a sticky lippie. I bought the liquid lipstick at 350 pesos and I would rather buy a colourpop which costs 400 pesos. So I think they need to improve their formula on that one. But still I can see that many are using and loving that product anyway that’s just my opinion 🙂

Moving on to the faux blush, I loved it since it really looks natural once I apply it on my cheeks and lips plus the fact that the formula used is organic and natural.

So just because I didn’t like one of their products doesn’t mean I’m not going to buy any of their products. I’m still waiting for them to restock their unicorn horn brush and I’m planning to buy more 🙂

Anyway I hope that this gave you the information that you need! toodles and Godbless 😀


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