Everyday I see other people’s circumstances, some pretty, some not and I thought “I’m more than blessed than what I hoped for.”

If you look at everything in a different perspective, especially in God’s perspective you’ll see the goodness in life. You’ll see that everything and everyone has a purpose. I feel sad that there are other people who get swallowed by sorrow and tend to give up on life, they don’t see the goodness in life anymore. Although these sort of things are kind of inevitable, I do hope that if anyone is going through some rough path they overcome it and not give up. Everybody is experiencing different kinds of situation everyday, it’s just a matter of how we handle and cope up with it, how we see it in our life.

I’ve already experienced some heavy problems before and I hold on to the fact that God is always with me and that there is a purpose why he lets me experience these kind of things because he wouldn’t give me (us) something that I  (we) can’t handle. He gave it to us because he knows that we can overcome it, we just need to be strong, have faith and believe.



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